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Property Ultra Care is a professional domestic and commercial builders service company, operating on kitchen makeovers, bathrooms restorations, basement remodels, plastering and wall boarding and any other construction work. Get a quote on your project or ask our company for a on-sight examination, call us at 020 3746 3071 and let us help you achieve your idea. We can work with other expert service companies, though we do provide our own plumbers, electricians and designers. Contact us any time and book the best builders in Blackheath SE3.

Expert Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation Blackheath SE3

Call the 24 HOURS A DAY client care line to get price info and to request a viewing and onsite discussion for a more specific cost and schedule estimation. Get professional and quick complete repair to redecoration.

  • Flexible working hrs to minimize disruption of properties or office buildings
  • Guaranteed builders service and fully covered by insurance builders
  • Service is customized for each client.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Excellent costs and competitive rates

Commercial or Residential Painting & Decorating Blackheath SE3

Our repair service covers the restoration and refitting of new appliances, tiles in kitchen areas, total properties, office buildings and business all over the Greater London area. For workplaces repair we encounter two cases, either end of client lease refurbishment or the up-date and modernisation of a business. For either situation we can cover the replacement of ground covers, fix and replacement of suspended ceilings, the construction of conference and meeting facilities, tea points, replacement of wall finishes, new flooring, staff areas.

We can also change the floor plan and layout that may require the building and demolition of partition walls. Our team is also capable of placing new wall finishes and decorations , the reconfiguring of lights and other electrics as well as the total rewiring of the entire office space. The tiling service covers the complete removal and replacement of old tiles with ones, in cases where only the grout needs to be removed we can reapply a new coating. We are able to do tiling, grouting and sealing if it is required. In terms of tile types we can work with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, quartz tiles, mosaic tiles and marble, as well as terracotta made from clay.

The service itself covers the installation of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles, grouting said sealing and tiles them if needed. We can also install floor or wall tiles, replace and remove applying mosaic tiles, part-tiling walls, old grout and installing tile boarders. This part of the renovation we remove and reapply new wallpapers, we can also wall boarding, perform a skimming, re-plaster a wall or a ceiling and rendering. All of this is done at your requirement. We come and inspect the location and determine what needs to be done, we give you an official report and an estimation and you decide if this suits your budget.

Professional Plastering and Wall Boarding Blackheath SE3

Builders services Blackheath SE3Relying on the top-notched builders services in Blackheath SE3, you will have several benefits and rewards to take advantages of. Note that our services are flexible. You can appoint a preliminary visitation by our builders Blackheath SE3 for a check. You get free advice on builders and concepts how to deal with the home improvement project. We work 365 days per year - no exception for Saturdays and Sundays or national holidays. We understand that changing any environment can be a stressful and complex project and we handle every job with care and precision.

Domestic & Commercial Electrical, Plumbing Works Blackheath SE3

This service covers the estimation of number of rolls of wallpaper required to cover the room’s walls, the removal of any old wallpaper, lining the walls with lining paper, cutting and measuring of wallpapers, placing wallpapers behind radiators, on and around external corners. We also do wallpapering around window frames, wallpapering around door frames, sockets and light switches and around staircase walls. All in all this service covers the complete wallpapering and placement of entire rooms and even houses. We can supply the wallpapers, you choose them and we supply them at an additional cost. We also do boarding, plastering and rendering. We can ceilings, walls, outside of houses, exterior walls, around windows and doors. We can board walls, erect new ones and separate open spaces from one another, all of this is done up to code with the permission of an architect. Our team will not make structural changes to buildings without the discussion of an engineer and an architect which we can provide.

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You can book us at any time, use the online live chat to get a quote, get info on the service and what it covers or to book. Use our hotline contact number at 020 3746 3071 to get access to our customer care desk, free of charge, operational 24/7. We do no require deposits, unless the job is a bit more complex, and we have no hidden fees. All of our charges are upfront. We have weekend and bank holiday availability so feel free to book us even on holidays, its additional charge free, all regular rates apply.

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