Expert Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services Islington N

Carpet cleaning Islington NSo, you had a pretty crazy party last night, and today you woke up to find a big red stain on the rug in your living room? Well, probably one of your friends has spilled a glass of red wine or a cranberry juice cocktail. Don’t fret, the professional carpet and rug cleaning company Property Ultra Care offers all kinds of expert carpet stain and spot removal, at the best rug and carpet cleaning price in Islington N. Plus, you will get a bunch of discounts and promotions for booking the carpet and rug cleaning service suited for residential and commercial carpet and rug cleaning.

Pro Shampoo Cleaning Hovering Deodorising Islington N

To clean properly both natural and synthetic materials we use stain pro, solvall spotter, Red Rx, Coffee stain Remover, double lean, multi pro, trafficlean and crystal green. These detergents are able to eliminate a wide range of stains from radiator leaks to food colouring, chewing gum, oil, greases, sticky adhesives, shellac, lipstick, wax, nail polish, cosmetics, make up,, paint, paint thinner, seals and confectionery, varnish, sugar, latex, enamels, inks, lacquer,, syrup, jams sauces, creams, gravies, gravel, eggs, relish, sweat, blood, honey, meat juice,, urine, fecal matter and almost everything under the sun.

Steam & Deep Dry Cleaning Service Islington N

The carpet cleaners will safely and efficiently clean rugs and carpet made of any material, including: synthetic, wool, cotton, linen, viscose, silk, suede, organic fibre, plush, chenille, nubuck, leather, acrylic. So, no matter whether you want your: wool rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, area rugs, handmade rugs, Tibetan rugs, silk mix rugs, shaggy rugs, Egyptian Rugs Indian Rugs Turkish Rugs Antique Rugs Play Rugs, logo mats, floor mats, entrance mats, rubber mats,anti-fatigue mats, industrial mats cleaned, the professional rug and carpet cleaning service will deep clean any of them completely. Other expert services offered by the professional carpet and rug cleaning company:

  • Mattress cleaning
  • Bed bug mattress treatment method
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning

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Hot Water Extraction & Deep Dry Cleaning Islington N

If the manufacturer of you carpet has recommended only dry cleaning is used, or if you have a delicate rug or carpet, it still can be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently by a dry foam carpet cleaning method, instead of the traditional shampoo carpet cleaning method and hot water extraction. The carpet cleaners use certified and safe dry cleaning solution to sprinkle or spray on the carpet, and special machines to push the solution deep into the carpet. After that the rug or carpet is given a thorough hoovering, to take away the foam and residue. This cleaning technique is perfectly safe, quick and requires no drying. With the help of modern and powerful steam carpet cleaning machines, the carpet cleaners will provide deep carpet cleaning. The hot water extraction and shampoo carpet cleaning will wash and fully disinfect the carpets and rugs. All stains will be removed, and the entire room will be refreshed and deodorised once the carpet cleaners finish their job. No harsh or harmful chemicals are used, so there is no risk for you, your family, pets and for your furniture. The hot water extraction cleaning technique is the most suitable deep carpet cleaning method for commercial and domestic properties as well. The types of stains and spot removal offered for:

  • Paint Rust Oily Stains
  • Blood, Tea, Coffee

Expert Carpet Stain and Spot Removal Islington N

Done by professionals and with a lot of care and attention, you will enjoy:

  • Guaranteed stain removal
  • Deep fiber cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Deodorization
  • Flexible booking hours

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