Professional Rug & Carpet Cleaning Company Kingston upon Thames KT

Carpet cleaning Kingston upon Thames KTThere are many methods we apply to make rug and carpet cleaning service in your home or office excellent! But there is only one right strategy into satisfying our customers - approaching each individual case with personal attitude and attention.

This is how professional carpet and rug cleaning company in Kingston upon Thames KT from Property Ultra Care have become so successful, expert and reliable among the whole region.

Professional Carpet Stain and Spot Removal Kingston upon Thames KT

Done by professionals and with a lot of care, you will enjoy:

  • Guaranteed spot removal
  • Deep fiber cleansing
  • Hot water extraction
  • Deodorizing
  • Flexible booking hours

Expert Shampoo Cleaning Hovering Deodorising Kingston upon Thames KT

Upon request, we can apply upholstery or carpet protection spray called Scotchgard. This is a specially tailored tool made as an additional step of our effective carpet and rug cleaning service in Kingston upon Thames KT. The tool provides an extra layer for the surface. The layer will keep new tiny bacteria, dust, stains and grime away from your domestic, restaurant or office carpets and rugs.

Deep Dry and Steam Cleaning Kingston upon Thames KT

We’ve been cleaning rugs and carpets for quite a long time, along the way we picked up a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Our years of experience cover the cleaning of a wide range of rug and carpet types, from coir, wool, silk, cotton, jute, sisal,hessian,, polyester, Kashmir,acrylic, seagrass, nylon, , polypropylene, velvet, satin, viscose and linen. For rugs we can clean Chinese Rugs Wool Rugs Area Rugs Persian Rugs Handmade Rugs, Tibetan rugs, silk mix rugs, shaggy rugs, Indian rugs, Turkish rugs, floor mats, play rugs, antique rugs, entrance mats, Egyptian rugs, logo mats, rubber mats, industrial mats, anti fatigue and anti fungal mats.

Hot Water Extraction & Deep Dry Cleaning Kingston upon Thames KT

If the manufacturer of you rug has recommended only dry cleaning is used, or if you have a delicate carpet or rug, it still can be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly by a dry foam carpet cleaning method, instead of the traditional hot water extraction and shampoo carpet cleaning method. The carpet cleaners use safe and certified dry cleaning solution to sprinkle or spray on the carpet, and special machines to push the solution deep into the carpet. After that the rug or carpet is given a thorough hoovering, to remove the foam and residue. This cleaning technique is perfectly safe, quick and requires no drying. With the help of powerful and modern steam carpet cleaning machines, the carpet cleaners will provide deep carpet cleaning. The hot water extraction and shampoo carpet cleaning will wash and fully disinfect the carpets and rugs. All stains will be eliminated, and the entire room will be refreshed and deodorised once the carpet cleaners finish their job. No harsh or harmful chemicals are used, so there is no risk for you, your family, pets and for your furniture. The hot water extraction cleaning method is the most suitable deep carpet cleaning method for commercial and domestic properties as well. The types of stains and spot removal offered for:

  • Oily stains, Paint, Rust
  • Blood, Tea, Coffee
  • Vomit, Wine, Moth damage

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