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Carpet cleaning Middlesex UBThere are many procedures we apply to make rug and carpet cleaning service in your home or office perfect! But there is only one right strategy into satisfying our clients - approaching each individual case with personalized attitude and attention.

This is how professional carpet and rug cleaning company in Middlesex UB from Property Ultra Care have become so successful, expert and respected among the whole region.

Expert Carpet Stain and Spot Removal Middlesex UB

The professional carpet cleaning company has been getting stains out and bringing back soiled carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses in Middlesex UB to life since 1995. Carpet cleaners use completely safe and licensed rug cleaning solutions:

  • Will help refresh your old carpet and can add Scotchguard protection upon request
  • More than 15,000 happy customers from (Region)
  • Trusted, trained and vetted carpet and rug cleaners
  • Discounts for regular clients and combined cleaning booking

Deep Dry or Hot Water Extraction Service Middlesex UB

Natural materials like sisal and silk do not take kindly to water based cleaning products, nor do they respond well to moisture and heat. To be able for us to clean them without harming their fragile fibers, we have to use a dry compound and other dry cleaning methods. One of these dry methods is that of dry compound cleaning which allows us to clean many of the stains from the list above without harming the fibers of the rug and carpet. The detergent is applied using a brush, a fine bristled brush helps the detergent get embedded into the fibers of the rug or carpet a lot easier without matting. After the detergent reacts with the stain we draw it out using a highly powerful vacuum machine. Along with the dust-like detergent we remove any stains and grime that was present, leaving the rug and carpet odour and stain free. Dry foam cleaning is also a viable method for natural fibers cleaning. It utilizes a dry foam detergent which foams up and acts as a sponge, soaking up any filth and stains, reducing moisture levels in the rug dramatically.

Once reacted with the stains the foam detergent is taken out using a vacuum machine. There is no during required. In order to remove tough and stubborn stains we use a narrow nozzle which sprays the affected or stained area with a hot steam jet then immediately removes the moisture along with 100% of the filth underneath it. For this to be effective, our cleaners first hoover the area to eliminate any debris and disturb the fibers. Afterwards the stain is treated with a specially chose detergent corresponding to the stain. The solvent is applied, upon reaction with the stain the steam jet is used to remove both the detergent and the stain underneath it, the water used and everything aside from the pigments of the carpet. The rug or carpet should be dry within 3 hours, a lot quicker if a window is opened. Due to its dirt cutting power, this treatment is used on synthetic and woolen rugs and carpet only, otherwise it would cause shrinkage and water damage to any other natural materials.

Professional Shampoo Cleaning Hovering Deodorising Middlesex UB

To clean properly both synthetic and natural materials we use solvall spotter, stain pro, Coffee stain Remover, Red Rx,, double lean, multi pro, trafficlean and crystal green. These detergents are able to remove a wide range of stains from food colouring to radiator leaks, chewing gum, oil, greases, sticky adhesives, shellac, wax, cosmetics, make up, lipstick, nail polish, paint thinner, paint, seals and varnish, inks, lacquer, enamels, latex, confectionery, sugar, syrup, gravel, eggs, jams sauces, gravies creams,, relish, honey, meat juice, blood, sweat, fecal matter, urine and almost everything under the sun.

Steam & Deep Dry Cleaning Service Middlesex UB

We are capable of cleaning a wide range of carpets and rugs, including but not limited to: Cotton, synthetic, linen, wool , Suede, viscose,silk, plush,organic fiber, Leather, vinyl, chenille, acrylic, nubuck and a lot more. Our rug expertise spans an even wider variety of fibers and materials, from wool rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, handmade rugs, area rugs, silk mix rugs, Tibetan rugs, play rugs, Indian rugs, Egyptian rugs , shaggy rugs, Turkish rugs,, floor mats and antique rugs to entrance mats, logo mats, rubber mats, Industrial mats, anti fatigue mats and a lot more. We use Prochem certified solutions only, they have been analyzed and authorized by the UK and EU government. With their correct use we can guarantee the cleaning of not only the surface and fibers of your carpet, but also the protection of their carpet padding, carpet pile, backing and in many cases even carpet tiles.

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