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Gardening services in East London IGIn case you take good care of your home from the inside, why don't doing exactly the same for the outside, too? Or you are just very busy and unable to deal with garden maintenance service in East London IG? Well, our expert company have a great preposition for you and your office or home outdoor. Why don`t let the professionals to do their job and to have your lawn and garden look great, classy and clean again?

Entrust our gardeners from Property Ultra Care your patio and plants and enjoy it at a full value without even sweating an hour per day!

Pro Lawn Mowing and Care East London IG

The professional gardeners from the gardening company provide lawn mowing as well as lawn care. This means that they will complete all necessary watering, fertilizing, edging of your lawn, along with reseeding patches of grass for the areas with yellow or damaged grass. You are able to book your autumn lawn care and spring lawn care for your biannual lawn maintenance needs. The gardening company offers: lawn repair, lawn scarification, lawn feeding and lawn aeration. You can reserve all necessary gardening services to get your lawn in fantastic shape and form.

Tree surgeons, Landscaping, Patio Cleaning East London IG

We will carry all of the needed machines with us, any supplies that are required for the task can be acquired either by you or by our team. In our vehicle we have a lawn mower, hedge trimmer and grass trimmer, jet wash, a ladder, blowers, chain saw, shovel, scissors, hammer, moon spade, tarmac, broom, weeding tools, pesticides and weed killers and general weed killed equipment, additional electric extensions. We can provide the proper care for your plants and lawn, including professional mowing for a healthy, well manicured lawn. If you need help and advice on which plants go with which, where they can be placed and how much watering they want, you can ask our expert gardeners, they will give you detailed information even if you are not booking us.

We are also able of properly doing lawn edging, grass trimming, lawn top dressing, autumn lawn care, spring lawn care, lawn repair, lawn scarification, lawn aeration and lawn feeding. We are also able to carefully migrate plants from one spot of the garden to another including entire patches of grass,bushes, roses, flowers, ivy plants and even small fruiting trees. Request a garden clearance for general garden maintenance which whips your garden, lawn, trees and bushes back in shape in case you have been traveling and have neglected your garden work. It`s fast, it`s effective and it is risk-free for the plants, making your front or back yard a more attracting place.

Maintenance and Garden Design in East London IG

Discover what else makes our professional garden maintenance service in East London IG so beneficial:

  • Up to 180l of green waste can be removed for free, Jet washing included
  • Possibility for our prudent gardeners to bring the whole gear, if you don`t have such
  • Proper for spring lawn care, Garden design, autumn lawn care can be included upon request
  • No need to stay in the property, Prevention and protection measures included
  • Tree pruning or ivy pruning /up to 9-12 foot high trees

Pro Gardening and Tree Surgery East London IG

After the request you receive two professionals and an initial examination of the property green areas, along with them you get:

  • Additional, 24 Hours a day client support
  • Up to 180 lbs of free waste removal
  • Wonderful looking garden
  • Flexible weekly booking
  • Reasonable pricing

Choose Property Ultra Care Gardeners and Get Special Price!

You can call us now and book the professional gardening services that you will need. The sooner you book, so much the better the price will be. Of course, if you want an emergency gardening service it can also be offered. The skilled and experienced gardeners are available every day of the week, even on bank holidays. No deposit is needed, so reserve your gardening services now. The more services you order the greater the discount you will receive! Call up 020 3746 3071 or fill out the on-line form now to book your professional gardening service!

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