Expert Maintenance & Garden Design Company Kingston upon Thames KT

Gardening services in Kingston upon Thames KTIn case you take good care of your home from the inside, why don't doing exactly the same for the outside, too? Or you are just very busy and unable to deal with garden maintenance service in Kingston upon Thames KT? Well, our expert company have a fantastic preposition for you and your home or office exterior. Why do not let the professionals to do their job and to get your lawn and garden look presentable, classy and clean again?

Entrust our gardeners from Property Ultra Care your patio and plants and enjoy it at a full value without even sweating an hour per day!

Pro Gardening and Tree Surgery Kingston upon Thames KT

Lean on Property Ultra Care to get some gardening help and see what you will receive in return:

  • Cheap hourly based service
  • 365 days per year work holidays and weekends , too
  • Perfect for landlords, home owners, tenants
  • Ideal to reduce your housekeeping job

Garden Design and Maintenance in Kingston upon Thames KT

Give us directions either in person or detailed in an email forwarded to our team before the initial arrival. Get in contact with us and watch your garden flourish with well groomed and fertile trees, maintained lawns and masterfully done landscaping. This is an hourly based service, however, meaning that no matter what you have planned needs to fit into the hours you have reserved. Based on the workload you want completed, our gardeners can suggest a set amount of time and give you an estimation how long a certain task might take. The benefits of masterful gardening and botany for your garden are almost endless, here are some just to give you an idea:

  • A more inviting property, more light in the garden, free up space for recreational activity
  • No more overgrowth of plants and lawns, a more eye-catching property or home, well manicured lawn
  • Will strengthen the health of trees and flowers, tree girdling and shaping
  • Healthier looking garden, Increase of property value
  • A tranquil place to relax, An inviting home

Landscaping, Patio Cleaning, Tree surgeons Kingston upon Thames KT

Garden maintenance in Kingston upon Thames KT is a great alternative to enjoy both your your exterior home area and free time. Invite your friends on a garden party, chill out with sunbathing and be tranquil for your children`s safety with a carefully maintained garden. We are open and flexible enough to give you regular cares including gardening Kingston upon Thames KT on a daily, weekly, monthly and fortnightly basis. See who can take benefits of our reliable professional service:

  • House owners
  • Big private or public building owners
  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • People, who need autumn lawn care
  • Clients, who have no weed killer equipment
  • Customers, who arrange spring refreshment and need spring lawn care

Expert Lawn Mowing and Care Kingston upon Thames KT

You can easily book professional and really affordable lawn mowing as well as overall lawn care. The gardeners will ensure that any yellow or damaged grass patches are cleaned up and removed and will perform professional fertilizing, watering, edging and reseeding patches. Get your lawn ready for the summer season by ordering the spring lawn care service. After the summer season is over, you can book the special autumn lawn care offered by Property Ultra Care. The gardeners can also perform: lawn repair, lawn aeration, lawn feeding and lawn scarification. Book the regular gardening services and do not have any issues with overgrown lawns again.

Call Property Ultra Care Gardeners and Get Good Prices!

To contact us dial 020 3746 3071, our team of experts will be ready to assist you anyway they can, from tips on what to book to general details on the service and treatments. Schedule a visit from our expert gardeners when you need them the most, we cater to your needs and can accommodate them any day of the week, free of additional cost on weekends.

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