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Gardening services in South West London SWDo you always strive for the very best? Then, your garden must be no exception. To get the most effective professional gardening company providing expert maintenance and garden design service, call Property Ultra Care company with more than 10 years of experience in residential and commercial gardening in South West London SW, the qualified and experienced gardeners will provide professional lawn mowing and care, patio cleaning, landscaping, pruning and hedge trimming, removal and pruning, tree surgery as well as garden waste clearance.

Patio Cleaning, Tree surgeons, Landscaping South West London SW

We will arrive completely equipped with the advanced tools and fertilisers, if you have some machines and you are okay with us using that would be fine too, however, we arrive fully equipped. We have grass trimmer, lawn mowers, hedge trimmer, jet washes, aluminum ladders, blowers, shovels, chain saws, scissors, brooms, hammers, tarmac, moon spades, weeding tools, weed killers, electric extensions and safety gear for our gardeners.

The service covers and includes the comprehensive care of your garden and green areas, including the roses, tress, flowers , lawn, patio, gutters, winter garden, conservatory, driveway, front lawn, hedges, back yard and quite a lot more. We are trained to perform replanting, tree surgery, lawn mowing, lawn clearance which in itself includes reseeding, patchwork, fertilising, watering and edging. Our gardeners are also able of weed removal and weeding, tree and ivy plant pruning up to 12 feet in height without specific gear, tree or ivy plant removal (up to 12 feet in height without special gear), hedge work pruning and trimming, general garden clearance including leaf clearance.

We are authorized for removal of 180 liters of garden waste and we`ll do it without charge, with additional charges if the volume of waste you want removed is larger. These are just to name a few. Get the finest expert gardening in South West London SW and not only get a skilled team of professionals who are really worth your time and money, but also get a healthier home and garden.

Expert Gardening and Tree Surgery South West London SW

Lean on Property Ultra Care to get some gardening help and see what you will get in return:

  • Cheap hourly based service
  • 365 days per year work weekends and holidays, too
  • Perfect for home owners, tenants, landlords
  • Ideal to minimize your housekeeping work

Maintenance & Garden Design South West London SW

Give us directions either face-to-face or detailed in an email sent to our team before the initial arrival. Get in contact with us and watch your garden flourish with well groomed and fertile trees, maintained lawns and expertly done landscaping. This is an hourly based service, however, that means that no matter what you have planned needs to fit into the hours you have booked. Based on the workload you want completed, our gardeners can suggest a set amount of time and give you an estimation how long a particular task might take. The benefits of masterful gardening and botany for your garden are almost limitless, here are a few just to give you an idea:

  • A more inviting home, more light in the garden, free up space for recreational activity
  • No more overgrowth of lawns and plants, a more eye-catching property or home, well beautiful lawn
  • Will improve the health of flowers and trees, tree shaping and girdling
  • Healthier looking garden, Increase of property value
  • A peaceful place to relax, An inviting home

Professional Lawn Mowing and Care South West London SW

We are offering you a complete gardening service which includes the proper maintenance of lawns, garden clearances, lawn mowing and care, tree pruning and surgery, patio cleaning, ivy trimming and pruning, hedge trimming and pruning as well as weed killing and pest control. To book our cleaners or schedule a visit to talk about your project, contact us or request a call back with the booking form. We will send our gardeners, who depending on the project, can start work right away.

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To contact us dial 020 3746 3071, our team of experts will be waiting to help you anyway they can, from tips on what to book to general details on the service and treatments. Schedule a visit from our expert gardeners when you will need them the most, we cater to your requires and can accommodate them any day of the week, free of extra cost on weekends.

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