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Gardening services in Southwark SEFor a expert and professional garden design and maintenance company in Southwark SE call Property Ultra Care, a professional home or office service provider with over 15 years of practical experience in the field. Our team can offer you with a complete garden care program which involves all essential and important services, including some niche programs. A service ideal for homeowners and tenants, landlords, contact us at 020 3746 3071 and get the best garden work done. We work according to your plan and views, call us at any time and set up a visit from our expert gardeners.

Landscaping, Patio Cleaning, Tree surgeons Southwark SE

You are able to order a full garden clearance, which will take proper care of all green and other waste from your outdoor space. Up to 180l of green waste can be cleaned up and removed without charge. This means that any grass cuttings and hedge clippings from the trimming and mowing will be removed. The garden clearance will take care of the right removal of any twigs, animal bedding, straw, small branches and vegetation from your garden. The gardeners will leave your garden filled with healthier flowers and plants, and no weeds. The services are ideal for commercial and residential gardening needs, and especially for:

  • Landlords
  • Homeowners
  • Tenants

Expert Gardening and Tree Surgery Southwark SE

After the booking you get two professionals and an initial examination of the property green areas, along with them you get:

  • Additional, 24 Hours a day client support
  • Up to 180 lbs of free of charge waste removal
  • Fantastic looking garden
  • Flexible weekly scheduling
  • Reasonable pricing

Expert Lawn Mowing and Care Southwark SE

Exterior is as important as interior is. Abandoning your neglected gardens even more is a big mistake. Don`t do it anymore, but don`t bury yourself with even more household maintenance work. Garden maintenance in Southwark SE can and should be done by professionals. Our professional gardeners are skilled, well-educated, experienced in landscaping and gardening, talented in making wonders in any patio, villa or public exterior. Note that residential and commercial gardening price are affordable, competitive and cheap.

Maintenance and Garden Design in Southwark SE

Give us instructions either in person or detailed in an email sent to our team before the initial arrival. Get in contact with us and watch your garden flourish with well groomed and fertile trees, maintained lawns and masterfully done landscaping. This is an hourly based service, however, meaning that no matter what you have planned needs to fit into the hours you have reserved. Based on the workload you want completed, our gardeners can suggest a set amount of time and give you an estimation how long a certain task might take. The benefits of masterful gardening and botany for your garden are almost endless, here are a few just to give you an idea:

  • A more inviting home, much more light in the garden, free up space for recreational activity
  • No more overgrowth of lawns and plants, a more eye-catching property or home, well manicured lawn
  • Will strengthen the health of flowers and trees, tree shaping and girdling
  • Healthier looking garden, Increase of property value
  • A tranquil place to relax, An inviting home

Call Property Ultra Care Gardeners and Get Good Prices!

Gardening in Southwark SE is cheap, affordable, accessible and reliable at a full worth! You can make a direct booking through the phone. Call us on 020 3746 3071 and get a totally free quote now! Do not miss the opportunity to discharge yourself from the annoying gardening cares. Rely on the experts in exterior design and cleaning. Rely on the gardeners PLACE_NAME with premium quality tools, professional skills and great dedication to give you a hand at the outdoors! We are waiting from hearing of you don`t waste time, get in touch with us!

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