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Pest control Charlton SE18Are you completely fed up with the cockroaches which are periodically reappearing in your kitchen or bathroom? You can quickly, efficiently and safely take care of this problem by getting in touch with a professional pest control company now. The Property Ultra Care professional pest control service includes a full examination by a pest technician, implementation of the proper pest control treatment (with the suitable insecticide or pesticide) for removal and prevention of future pest infestations. The expert service is perfect for commercial and residential pest control in Charlton SE18. It is provided by highly experienced and well trained pest technicians who will resolve your problems with pests and insects at the best price in the area.

Home or Office Pest Technicians Charlton SE18

The pesticides and pesticides used for pest control are non-harmful to the environment and are provided by trustworthy UK pest control providers. The professional, licensed pest control technicians are equipped with all the solutions and tools necessary to resolve your pest infestation. Different baits and traps can be set based on the pest. Humane repellents, spikes and nets will be used for pigeon access control. Of course, there are specific preventive actions and instructions you will get before the different kinds of pest control treatments, but in general you should be prepared that:

  • You'll have to relocate all your pets (as well as fish) from the building which will be treated
  • It is best to thoroughly hoover the entire area which will be treated
  • You can not be present in the premises for the duration of the pest control treatment
  • You need to leave the treated area empty for at least 2 hours after the pest control treatment
  • Right after you come back, the area needs to be aired out for at least 10 minutes
  • No hoovering should be done for at least 4 days after the pest control treatment

Professional UK Pest Supplier Charlton SE18

We aim to remove pests, if they are rodents or birds we usually tend to relocate them, however, if the infestation is too great and could not be contained we will take a more deadly and permanent rout. Determined by the kind of infestation, its size and seriousness pesticides and insecticides will be used to treat the premises. For basic safety reasons all pets and even fishes need to be removed from the rooms that are to be treated. Do not hoover the areas that have been treated as this will reduce the efficiency of our solutions.

Expert Beaver Pest Control Charlton SE18

With our professional services you will get:

  • Fast, effective and hassle-free service
  • Exclusive deals for return clients
  • First-class protection for your home
  • Easy scheduling process

Domestic or Commercial Pest Management Charlton SE18

The kinds of pest control and pest management services provided by the company:

  • Flea Control, Cockroach Control, Ant Control, Wasps Control, Fly Control, Bee Control
  • Moth Control, Bed Bugs Treatment, Silverfish Control, Spider Control, Woodworm Treatment
  • Dust Mites Control, Carpet Beetles Control, Squirrel Control, Mice Control, Rat Control,
  • Beaver control, Pigeon or Bird Control, Fumigation

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As professionals we promise a full pest control, with harmless and efficient methods to free you from your oppressors. Call 020 3746 3071 to book and schedule our visit, please feel free to contact us at any time, the hotline is available 24/7 free of charge.

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