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Pest control Peninsula SE3Did your dog bring in some nasty fleas in your home, and you can’t get rid of them? Well, you can quickly say goodbye to the countless bite marks by calling the leading professional pest control company in Peninsula SE3 now. The residential and commercial pest control company Property Ultra Care has certified technicians for all kinds of pest control service, including: crawling insects, flying insects, rats, and provides preventive fumigation, humane pigeon control as well as beaver control. So, now you can get expert, efficient and guaranteed pest control and management by a certified pest technician who will use the right insecticides or pesticides provided by a UK pest supplier.

Domestic or Commercial Pest Technicians Peninsula SE3

For pigeon control - usually, the professional pest control will not kill the pigeons, but will limit their access to the location, and treat it with repellents to prevent them from nesting. For fumigation, the professional pest control company will treat the property as a preventive action against fleas, flies, moths, spiders and other insects. A fumigation aerosol is applied, and clients will be asked to follow the basic recommendations for safety, as mentioned. Based on the kind of pest infestation and treatment, you will be given different instructions by the treatment, as well as after that. Normally, you will be asked to:

  • Remove all pets (including fish) from the floor that will be treated
  • Thoroughly hoover the property which will be treated
  • Leave the premises during the procedure and leave them empty for a minimum of 2 hours after the pest control treatment
  • Right after returning, the windows should be left open for 10 minutes
  • The treated areas shouldn’t be hoovered for at least 4 days following the treatment.

Obviously, for the different types of pests, the instructions will be very specific.

Pro Beaver Pest Control Peninsula SE3

With our professional services you will get:

  • Fast, efficient and hassle-free service
  • Special deals for return clients
  • First-class protection for your home
  • Easy booking process

Professional UK Pest Supplier Peninsula SE3

The pest control service includes a full service: inspection, pest control treatment and also prevention from future infestations. The licensed pest technician or a team will first perform a full and in depth inspection of the property, to make an exact evaluation of the level of infestation, the possible entrance ways for the insects, rodents or other pests and to determine the most appropriate insect or rodent control treatment to be implemented. Depending on the type of infestation, several baits and poisons will be used. The treatment will be done, and then preventive steps can be taken against future problems with the pests.

Commercial or Residential Pest Management Peninsula SE3

Our goal is to cover as many pest control points as possible, we can easily deal with a wide range of pests, from crawling insects, to flying critters, rodents and even birds. Our expertise in extermination and removal of bed bugs, dust mites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, woodworms, wasps, spiders, bees, flies, moths and carpet beetles.

We can also eliminate and get rid of rats, squirrels, mice,, pigeons and perform fumigation on entire properties or certain rooms. All supplies used during our procedures have been approved by the UK government and have been obtained through a licensed official UK supplier. All technicians and employees that assist in pest removal and control have been properly trained, checked, vetted and carry all of their credentials with them - please feel free to check and see for yourself.

Cockroaches are an omnivorous species, they eat pretty much anything and dwell in dark damp areas, usually behind or under refrigerators, in holes in the wall, under kitchen sinks and so forth. To eliminate them off we utilize food traps sprayed with a pesticide which they consume along with the food, carry with them and track into their nest. Once dead they are consumed by the other cockroaches who also get infected, effectively killing off the entire colony. If you have booked additional visits, we can deal with the carcasses and a follow up inspection of the area, however, if you have opted out you’ll have to deal with them.

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You are able to book us at any moment, call 020 3746 3071 for immediate access to our customer support desk. It is operated by a team of customer preps who are prepared to deal with any of your pest related concerns. As a company of 5 years and with more than 5000 happy clients, we can promise satisfactory results each time you call.

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