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Pest control Northfields W13Seen a cockroach a short while ago at home and can not think about eating in your dining room any longer? Experienced a true shock due to the mouse that came along in the evening the other day? You urgently need professional pest control service! Without a doubt, there are many commercial products in the shops, but do you actually think they do the job? Pests should get out of your house or office immediately!

Apply for expert high quality pest control in Northfields W13 from our company - Property Ultra Care! Have no pests tomorrow!

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The kinds of pest control and pest management services provided by the company:

  • Flea Control, Cockroach Control, Wasps Control, Ant Control, Bee Control, Fly Control
  • Bed Bugs Treatment Moth Control Spider Control Silverfish Control Woodworm Treatment
  • Dust Mites Control, Carpet Beetles Control, Squirrel Control, Mice Control, Rat Control,
  • Bird or Pigeon Control, Beaver control, Fumigation

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We aim to remove pests, if they are rats or birds we usually tend to relocate them, however, if the infestation is too great and can not be contained we will take a more lethal and permanent rout. According to the type of infestation, its size and seriousness pesticides and insecticides will be applied to treat the property. For safety reasons all pets and even fishes need to be removed from the rooms that are to be treated. You should never hoover the places that were treated as this will lower the potency of our methods.

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Wasps are identified as a pest and we are ethically permitted to kill them on sight, however, bees regardless if they are honeybees should be relocated. Before we take any action with the bees, we consult a beekeeper to identify if these are honeybees and where they can be moved. After that they are put to sleep with a smoke mixture and the whole colony is moved somewhere safe. Wasps are not as nice so we kill them without having any remorse. We aerosol an anti bug powder close to the entrance points, the powder has a residual effect of 3 months and kills the pest right away.

Ants can be quite a problem. The common understanding is that they nest inside your home but 9 out of 10 colonies are outside. We are not able to use pesticides outdoors so this procedure is limited only to the inside. The entry point is found, a pesticide in a granulated form is placed near the entry point. The ants mistake it for food and deliver it inside the colony killing it off completely. Afterwards the cracks and entry point are patched to avoid potential infestations. To solidify the results and to assure no more ant infestations, we advise removing any open food sources from the floors, like dog food or leftovers.

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